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Crayon Art


Crayon Art

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By loolio


By loolio

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17 Animals Taking Care Of Other Animals
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Jenn Croft and Adam Jay knock it out of the park again in a new set of cosplay photos. Jenn was the first cosplayer to be highlighted in our Croft Couture feature, and for good reason. Can we all agree the first image is one of the coolest cosplay shots ever?

In general, though, Lara cosplayers have been kicking ass as of late with really impressive and artistic shots. Many new sets and features coming soon!

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Anonymous said: what does hadesk mean? also do you make $ with your blog using peepspayerDOTcom?

it means the god of the unnderworld in a game u know

and no i dont make money if u could help me to make some money i’ll not say no

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i dont like this part of the game

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theres some problems with the render but its okey for now

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